vendredi 23 septembre 2011

[Feed #2] PostGIS 2.0, WPS Shoot-out, Spatial Analysis, GeOps or easy editing with OpenLayers,...

Spatial Analysis
Here is a very good and complete resource I found dealing with different aspects of spatial analysis.

A scientific article about topological models and frameworks for 3D spatial objects

Spatial Business Intelligence is gaining a lot of interest as more and more

vendredi 16 septembre 2011

Feed #1 foss4G, OpenAerialMap, QGIS & GvSIG,...


- FOSS4G, a major event for the Open Source GIS World. A little review here

- Web services, clouds...but no need to buy a plane to reach them...During FOSS4G, a nice application has been presented implementing WPS (Web Processing Service) through the implementation of ZOO API project. It gives an idea of the dynamics of web GIS applications development and the possibility of realizing some web apps that are similar to desktop ones